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                eReader Reviews (eBook Readers)

                Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Oct. 2013 Kindle Fire HDX review
                Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Nov. 2012 Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review
                Amazon Fire HD 6 Oct. 2014 Amazon Fire HD 6 review
                Amazon Kindle Fire HD Sept. 2012 Kindle Fire HD review
                Amazon Kindle Fire Dec. 2011 Kindle Fire review
                Amazon Kindle Touch Nov. 2011 Amazon Kindle Touch review
                Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Oct. 2012 Kindle Paperwhite review
                Amazon Kindle Voyage (video review) Oct. 2014 Amazon Kindle Voyage video review
                Amazon Kindle 4 Oct. 2011 Amazon Kindle 4 review
                Amazon Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard)
                Aug. 2010
                Amazon Kindle 3 review
                Amazon Kindle 2
                Feb. 2009
                Amazon Kindle 2 review
                Amazon Kindle DX Graphite (large screen, second gen with increased contast)
                July 2010
                Kindle DX Graphite review
                Amazon Kindle DX (large screen)
                June 2009
                Amazon Kindle DX review
                Astak EZ Reader 6" ebook reader
                Sept. 2009
                Astak EZ Reader review
                B&N Nook HD 7" LCD tablet and eReader Nov. 2012 Nook HD review
                Barnes & Noble Nook Touch with GlowLight May 2012 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight review
                Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Nov. 2011 Nook Tablet review
                Barnes & Noble New Nook Simple Touch Reader June 2011 New Nook Simple Touch review
                Barnes & Noble Nook Color Nov. 2010 Nook Color review
                Barnes & Noble Nook (6" with separate touchscreen and wireless)
                Feb. 2010
                nook review
                IREX DR800SG 8.1" E-Ink display with stylus and 3G
                Feb. 2010
                IREX DR800 review
                Kobo Touch Aug. 2011 Kobo Touch review
                Sony Reader PRS-T1 Oct. 2011 Sony Reader PRS-T1 review
                Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950 (7" E-Ink reader with touch and wireless) Nov. 2010 Sony Reader Daily Edition review
                Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 (7.1" ebook reader with touch screen and wireless)
                Jan. 2010
                Sony Reader Daily Edition review
                Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350 5" ebook reader with touch screen
                Sept. 2010
                Sony Reader Pocket Edition review
                Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 5" ebook reader
                Sept. 2009
                Sony Reader PRS-300 review
                Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650 2nd gen touchscreen 6" ereader Oct. 2010 Sony Reader PRS-650 review
                Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 (6" ebook reader with touch screen)
                Aug. 2009
                Sony Reader Touch Edition review
                Sony Reader PRS- 700 (touch screen)
                Nov. 2008
                Sony Reader PRS-700 review
                Sony Reader PRS-505
                June 2008
                Sony Reader PRS-505 review
                Sony Reader PRS-500
                Nov. 2006
                Sony Reader PRS-500 review


                eBook Reader Accessory Reviews

                M-EDGE cases, light and stand for the Barnes & Noble nook March 2010 M-EDGE nook cases and accessories review







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