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                MobileTechReview.com Home
                Phone Notebooks & Tablets Gaming Gadgets iPhone & iPad Shop Discussion


                About Us

                We're a group of dedicated mobile technology maniacs who've been working with consumer mobile gadgets since the days of the Apple Newton. Our site was founded in 1998.

                We love gadgets, and are not biased toward one platform or OS. While the most expensive units offer the most features, we understand that our readers have all sorts of budgets and hence we review models in all price ranges and will never tell you that you've got to buy the most expensive model out there. We also know that some of you are super-techies while others are novices, so we provide detailed reviews that are written in an accessible fashion.

                Our team of writers have strong technology backgrounds. Our Editor in Chief worked for years as an IT Director and software architect while our Senior Editor honed her career in Silicon Valley. Both have advanced degrees in language and writing. Our contributing hardware reviewers are technologists and our game reviews are... hardcore gamers!

                We are not owned by a parent corporation and we are not paid by any of the manufacturers whose products we review. We like it this way: it insures that our site will offer you unbiased reviews and opinions of the products you're considering purchasing. Our staff writes all reviews on this site, they are never farmed out to commercial writing firms. Manfuacturers do loan us the products we review, but that does not influence our opinion of the products.

                How do we manage to make a living? A percentage of our revenue comes from banner advertising and the rest comes from merchandise links you'll see to buy the products we review. These links go to our trusted affiliates' stores such as Amazon.com and PriceGrabber. Our affiliates pay us a small percentage for every item purchased via one of these merchandise links. Our affiliates are some of the best in the industry, and perhaps more importantly, they're the folks we've been buying from as consumers for years because of their very low prices, fast shipping, reputability and quality of customer service. So if you decide to buy a device after reading our reviews, do us a favor and use the links on our site to make your purchase: you'll get a good deal and we'll be able to continue serving you this site. Thanks!

                Note that we DO NOT SELL GOODs.

                If you're interested in advertising on our site, please use our advertising inquiry form to get in touch with Ziff-Davis who handles our banner ad sales.

                Other sites link to us or may exerpt a small portion of our reviews. These sites include Amazon, eBay and Google. We do not allow full reprint permission for syndication. If you see our reviews reprinted in their entirety elsewhere, please let us know.

                Our YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/mobiletechreview. We have 220 million views and offer in-depth video reviews of smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming demos on laptops and tablets.

                FTC Disclosure

                The FTC requires that bloggers and online writers disclose any monetary relationships with the companies who make the products we review. So here it is:

                We buy some of the products we review at retail stores, but the majority of the products we review are review units, or loaners, sent to use by carriers or manufacturers. No, we don't get to keep phones, laptops and other pricey gear they send us, these are loaned and must be returned complete and in perfect condition after 2-4 weeks (sometimes we get to test them longer). Manufacturers sometimes don't request return of small, relatively inexpensive accessories because expedited shipping would actually cost them more than the product itself. So we sometimes do keep small accessories like Bluetooth headsets and cases from a variety of manufacturers, but this in no way influences our review. Software such as iOS games and Android apps can't really be returned, and as such those apps are provided to us for free. We do sometimes review apps just because we really like them and want to inform our readers about them, even though we haven't received review copies.

                There are e-commerce links on our review pages. These are links to places like Amazon and other online retailers. Some of these links earn us a little money if you click on them or end up buying something after you click through. This does not in any way mean we'll give glowing reviews of everything just so you'll buy stuff. If stuff stinks, we'll tell you so. Why would you believe us and come back otherwise?

                When we attend trades shows, exhibitors sometimes give us handouts (technical term: schwag). Sometimes we review the products made by these exhibitors, and sometimes we just pocket random goodies they throw (sometimes literally) at us because we're warm bodies. We're talking T-shirts, bizarre plastic action figures and squishy balls that our cat really loves. Sometimes the companies that make items we review mail us schwag, which probably isn't the best use of our diminishing fossil fuel resources. Oh well.

                -End of Disclosure-

                If you see our content or our entire site reproduced on a different domain it is a forgery and stolen content. Please be so kind to report this to us if you spot it. If we contact you for a review unit, we will use an @mobiletechreview.com email address-- anything else will be from an impersonator-- we never use gmail, hotmail or any other free email services for business purposes.

                -- Lisa Gade, founder and Editor-in-Chief

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                Editor in Chief, Publisher and CEO: Lisa Gade
                Twitter: @lisagade

                Senior Editor: Tong Zhang

                Games Editor: "Jade Dragon" @jadedragonMTR

                Contributing writer emeritus: "Tanker Bob"

                Smartphone and accessories reviewer: Michael Thwaite

                Chief iOS Correspondent: Jacob Spindel

                iPhone and iPad writer: Tom Slayton

                Contributing writer: Jennifer Shelamer

                Game reviewers:

                Corbie Dillard

                Ed Wong

                Alex Lifschitz

                Marc Morgan

                Tony Peak

                Edwin Kee

                Tim Lord Gek Jordan


                Leah Jennings


                News Editors:

                Tong Zhang, Jacob Spindel


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