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                MobileTechReview.com Phone, Smartphone, Notebook and Gadget Reviews and buyers guide


                Nokia Phone Reviews & Microsoft Lumia Phone Reviews

                Each section is ordered by review date.


                Windows Phone (Lumia)

                Microsoft Lumia 640 XL This big screen Windows Phone is easy on the wallet, selling for $249 full retail and 99 pennies with contract. The 640 XL has a 5.7" display, a removable 3,000 mAh battery, 4G LTE and a microSD card slot. It runs Windows Phone 8.1 update 2 on the quad core Snapdragon 400 and it's upgradable to Windows 10 for phones. It has a 5MP wide angle front camera and a capable 13MP rear camera. We look at the AT&T version in this review. AT&T July 2015 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review
                Nokia Lumia 830 Think of the Lumia 830 as the affordable and slightly more pocketable version of the excellent Nokia Lumia Icon and Lumia 930. It has the same elegant design with a metal frame, but it adds goodies like a removable battery and microSD card slot. The specs are dropped down from the more expensive Lumia Icon, and the Lumia 830 has a 5", 1280 x 720 IPS display and it runs on the 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 400 with Adreno 305 graphics and 1 gig of RAM. The real star of the show beyond the classy chassis is the 10MP rear PureView camera with a fast Carl Zeiss lens and OIS (optical image stabilization). That might not be a class-leading camera resolution, but the photos and videos are quite good for a midrange phone. AT&T Nov. 2014 Nokia Lumia 830 review
                Nokia Lumia 635 This is a wildly affordable 4G LTE Windows 8.1 smartphone that's available on AT&T and T-Mobile for just $99 to $168 full retail. It has a 4.5" IPS display, removable battery and swappable back cover shells. The phone runs on a quad core Snapdragon 400 CPU with 512 megs of RAM and 8 gigs of storage, expandable via microSD cards. It has Cortana, Microsoft's new voice assistant, a 5megapixel rear camera and a GPS with GLONASS. AT&T GoPhone, Sprint and T-Mobile July 2014 Nokia Lumia 635 review
                Nokia Lumia Icon The Nokia Lumia Icon has a striking 5" full HD Clear Black OLED display with outdoor brightness mode and heightened touch sensitivity for gloves. Like the Lumia 1520 and top Android smartphones, it runs on a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core CPU with Adreno 330 graphics and 2 gigs of RAM. It has has dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and a front HD webcam. The 20MP PureView camera that can shoot DNG RAW files? It's every bit as good as the excellent Lumia 1520 camera. Verizon March 2014 Nokia Lumia Icon review
                Nokia Lumia 1520 And now for those who want something smaller than the Nokia Lumia 2520, we have the Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone, released at the same time as Nokia's first Windows tablet. The Lumia 1520 has a few firsts as well: it's the first Windows phone phablet, the first with a full HD display and the first to sport a quad core processor. Nice! Though the 6" Lumia 1520 might be too big for some, there's no denying the temptations of a Windows Phone that finally competes spec for spec with flagship Android phones. And the Lumia manages to beat most with its 20 megapixel main camera with dual LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens. AT&T Dec. 2013 Nokia Lumia 1520 review
                Nokia Lumia 1020 The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the latest, greatest Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone, and it's got something very special: a 41 megapixel Nokia PureView camera that reinvents zoom. It's not as bulky as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and it looks much like the Lumia 920, complete with a curved polycarbonate unibody design, curved Gorilla Glass 3 display and 4.5" ClearBlack AMOLED display that's outdoor viewable and glove friendly. The Lumia 1020 is exclusive to AT&T in the US right now, and it's available in matte white, black and yellow. It has 4G LTE, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and a GPS with GLONASS. The camera has a Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss Tessar f/2.2 6 element lens and a backside illuminated sensor. Does it steal the show? If you're a shutterbug, the answer is a definite "yes". AT&T July 2013 Nokia Lumia 1020 review
                Nokia Lumia 928 Verizon Wireless customers who had a crush on the Nokia Lumia 920: it's your turn now. The new Nokia Lumia 928 is now available for $99 on contract, and it's every bit as good as the 920. Nokia has updated the styling with straight sides and the phone has lost a wee bit of weight, but it keeps the 4.5", 1280 x 768 display spec, very good 8.7MP PureView camera and 32 gigs of internal storage. The Lumia 928 has an AMOLED ClearBlack display and it runs on a 1.5GHz dual band Snapdragon S4 CPU. Verizon May 2013 Nokia Lumia 928 review
                Nokia Lumia 822 The stylish HTC 8X Windows 8 smartphone has some competition from the much less expensive Nokia Lumia 822 on Verizon Wireless. While the Lumia lacks the HTC's keen styling and vibrant color options, it's half the price and offers Nokia's value added apps that verge on must-haves. Inside it's all good with the same 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core CPU that you'll find in the flagship Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and high end Android phones. It has a gig of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage. The phone has a capable 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and a microSD card slot. Verizon Dec. 2012 Nokia Lumia 822 review
                Nokia Lumia 810 The Lumia 810 is a close relative to the Nokia Lumia 822 on Verizon and the Lumia 820 on AT&T. It has a 4.3" ClearBlack AMOLED display running at 800 x 480 resolution. The display's colors, black levels and touch sensitivity are impressive, and like the flagship Lumia 920 on AT&T, it works with gloves and fingernails. This Windows Phone 8 smartphone runs on a 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU with 1 gig of RAM. It has 8 gigs of storage, and you can use a microSD card to store your music, videos and documents. The phone has a very good 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss lens. T-Mobile Dec. 2012 Nokia Lumia 810 review
                Nokia Lumia 920 The Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone for the launch of Microsoft's newest phone OS has a great combo of features. From the super-sharp and bright 4.5" IPS display to an iconic polycarbonate housing in your choice of 5 colors, the Lumia 920 is a sweet smartphone. It runs on a 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 CPU with a gig of RAM and 32 gigs of internal storage. It has LTE 4G, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC. The 8.7 megapixel PureView camera takes excellent photos and 1080p video and features optical image stabilization to take the blur out of shaky-handed shots. The phone is fast, fun and easy to use and it won't break the bank either. AT&T Nov. 2012 Nokia Lumia 920 review
                Nokia Lumia 900 This is Nokia and AT&T's latest flagship phone, and it's refreshing to see Windows Phone get the leading role. The Lumia 900 looks a lot like its little brother the Lumia 800 that's sold overseas. The Lumia 900 stretches the luscious ClearBlack AMOLED display to 4.3" and adds LTE 4G for fast data. The Nokia is distinctive, attractive and durable thanks to a sculpted unibody polycarbonate housing and Gorilla Glass display. It runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango on a 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU with 16 gigs of storage, and it has a front video chat camera and an excellent 8MP rear camera. The smartphone sells for just $99 with contract. AT&T April 2012 Nokia Lumia 900 review
                Nokia Lumia 710 The Lumia 710 might not be Nokia's flagship Windows Phone, but it's a great phone for $49 with contract. This Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphone has a sharp 3.7" ClearBlack display, a 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU and a very good 5 megapixel camera. The Lumia 710 is available on T-Mobile and it has quad band HSPA+ 4G along with WiFi, Bluetooth and a GPS. The design is distinctly Nokia, and we like the rounded corners and complex curves that you don't usually see on a budget-priced smartphone. T-Mobile Jan. 2012 Nokia Lumia 710 review
                Nokia Lumia 800 Love the Nokia N9 but afraid of the high price tag, new OS and dead end path? Not problem, the N9's twin is here as the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. It shares the same physical design, polycarbonate unibody design and luscious AMOLED display too. We take the Euro unlocked version for a spin, which happily has AT&T 3G HSPA 14.4 for good data speeds. The phone has a 3.7" AMOLED Gorilla Glass display that runs at 800 x 480 resolution, and 8MP camera and a 1.4GHz CPU. Unlocked GSM Nov. 2011 Nokia Lumia 800 review


                MeeGo Smartphones

                Nokia N9 The Nokia N9 is Nokia's last hurrah before they make the switch to being a Windows Phone manufacturer. It runs their customized version of the MeeGoo OS that's based on Linux, and it's a thoroughly modern and beautifully designed touch-based OS. The N9 has a 3.9&quot; AMOLED display with anti-glare technology and Nokia's black technology. Blacks are deep, colors are vivid and glare is indeed less of an issue vs. most touch screen phones. It's 854 x 480 pixels with Gorilla Glass, an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. The phone runs on a 1GHz CPU. Nov. 2011 Nokia N9 review


                Symbian ^3 and Maemo Smartphones

                Nokia E7 The keyboarded companion to the Nokia N8 is here and it boasts superb hardware and an excellent QWERTY keyboard. The design and feel are top notch, but Symbian ^3 still lags behind more modern mobile operating systems when it comes to user interface and touch interaction. Still, it's hard to beat the E7's 8 megapixel camera, elegant hinge design and 4" AMOLED SuperBlack capacitive touch screen. The E7 is sold unlocked for use with any GSM carrier, and it has both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G HSDPA. March 2011 Nokia E7 review
                Nokia N8 The phone-loving world has had its eye on Nokia's first Symbian ^3 OS smartphone that's optimized for touch and ready for modern times. The N8 features a mind-boggling 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash that will blind your friends and illuminate the dark corners of your life. It snaps fantastic photos and 720p video. The phone has a 3.5" capacitive multi-touch AMOLED display that vibrant, Flash video support, a full HTML web browser, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0 and a GPS with Ovi Maps. other amenities include an FM radio and FM transmitter, 16 gigs of storage, a microSD card slot and aluminum casing. This is an unlocked GSM phone that supports both AT&T and T-Mobile 3GG HSDPA as well as overseas 3G. Oct. 2010 Nokia N8 review
                Nokia N900 We've been waiting for Nokia to kick start their touch screen phone offerings, and we mean something more serious than a touch UI plastered on top of Symbian S60 like the N97 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. That phone is finally here in the guise of the N900 running Nokia's Linux-based Maemo 5 OS. That OS is pretty impressive, mighty finger-friendly and fast. An ARM Cortex-A8 CPU with graphics acceleration helps keep it quick and there's plenty of RAM and 32 gigs of storage too. The N900 is an unlocked GSM world phone with 3G HSDPA on the 1700 and 2100MHz bands. That means 3G speeds on T-Mobile's US network and 3G in Europe. The N900 has a top notch 5MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, WiFi, Bluetooth and a GPS too.
                Dec. 2009
                Nokia N900 review


                Nokia Symbian Series 60, S60 and Series 90 Smartphones

                Nokia E73 Mode Nokia's E72 is reborn in the US as the Nokia E73 Mode on T-Mobile. This is T-Mobile's slimmest QWERTY smartphone and it's a gorgeous piece of hardware. The software is Symbian OS with S60 3rd Edition, a solid though aging platform. The E73 has a QVGA display, an excellent keyboard, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that's better than most business shooters, 3G HSDPA and WiFi. The GPS works with the included Ovi Maps for free spoken navigation as well as the excellent (though not free) TeleNav. The E73 handles all manner of IM and email including MS Exchange and Lotus Notes Traveler.
                June 2010
                Nokia E73 review
                Nokia Nuron T-Mobile's latest Nokia phone is an entry level touch screen smartphone that features a solid music player and free GPS navigation courtesy of Ovi Maps. TeleNav is also on-board as are multimedia players for YouTube, Real Player and more. The Nuron has a 360 x 640 pixel 3.2" resistive touch screen and it runs Symbian OS with Nokia's S60 5th Edition software on top. The Nuron can sync to Outlook, has a full PIM suite and direct access to Nokia's Ovi Store for app downloads. Other features include a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth with A2DP, a 3.5mm stereo jack and a microSD card slot all packed into a compact phone. It has a good web browser, Nokia Messaging for email, Facebook and MySpace support.
                March 2010
                Nokia Nuron review
                Nokia E72 The Nokia E72 is the follow-up to the extremely popular Nokia E71 that earned our Editor's Choice award 1.5 years ago. Can the E72 live up to its admirable predecessor? It boasts a 600MHz ARM 11 CPU and an upgraded 5 megapixel autofocus camera with flash and a few other goodies that give it a running start. The E72 is an unlocked GSM world phone with 3G HSDPA on AT&T's bands. It's sold in the US without contract, and like the E71, the price isn't bad. Other features include WiFi, GPS with free navigation, Bluetooth and an FM radio.
                Feb. 2010
                Nokia E72 review
                Nokia Twist Trust us, you haven't seen a phone that looks like the Nokia Twist 7705. Verizon likes to take chances with new fashion phone designs-- remember the Samsung Juke? Well, the Nokia is a lot easier to use and does quite a bit more thanks to the 2.4" QVGA display, EV-DO for 3G fast data, GPS, V Cast multimedia services and a 3 megapixel camera. And here's the twist: swivel the display to reveal a roomy QWERTY keyboard. Who says fashion doesn't equal function?
                Sept. 2009
                Nokia Twist review
                Nokia Surge Here's a Nokia phone that doesn't look like a Nokia. Designed with AT&T's input for the US market, the Surge is a typically funky looking messaging phone with a slide-down QWERTY keyboard. Aimed at those who want to move up from a basic messaging phone, the Surge is a capable S60 smartphone at a reasonable price. It has a QVGA display with accelerometer, GPS, 3G HSDPA, Bluetooth with a full set of profiles including A2DP stereo, an FM radio, MS Office suite, music and video players and CV streaming video.
                Aug. 2009
                Nokia Surge review
                Nokia N97 Nokia's new flagship smartphone has every feature currently available on a high end phone, and it's the second touch screen S60 phone from Nokia. We take a look at the N97 NAM, the US edition with 3G on AT&T's bands and a US warranty. The N97 is sold unlocked without contract for use on any GSM network and it has WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR as well. This Nokia features a widget-based home screen with weather, Facebook, email and other goodies running on the 360 x 640 pixel touch screen. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard takes the pain out of messaging and the 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens can shoot widescreen video at 30fps. There's a GPS with compass, FM radio and more.
                June 2009
                Nokia N97 review
                Nokia E75 Nokia's side-slider QWERTY looks like a standard candybar phone, and it's as thin as a non-slider. Sexy, solid and chic, this high-end E Series S60 3rd Edition smartphone is available unlocked and ready for your GSM SIM card. We look at the US version which has quad band GSM and EDGE along with 3G HSDPA on AT&T's bands. The phone has business and pleasure covered with an Office suite, Nokia's new email client with Exchange support and more. But there's room for fun thanks to the 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera that can shoot VGA video, Flash Lite and N-Gage gaming.
                June 2009
                Nokia E75 review
                Nokia E71x AT&T's version of the Nokia E71 keeps the charm alive.This super-slim and attractive metal-clad smartphone features a very good QWERTY keyboard, 3G HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and a QVGA color non-touchscreen display. The E71x runs Symbian OS with S60 3rd Edition and it has a webkit-based web browser, email client and IM. For fun there's Flash Lite, Real Player, a music player and CV streaming video. Top that off with a GPS and AT&T Navigator and you've got a well-rounded smartphone. At $99 with contract, the E71x is a bargain.
                May 2009
                Nokia E71x review
                Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia's first S60 touch screen smartphone has made it to the US. The Nokia 5800 NAM is the US edition with HSDPA on AT&T's 3G bands. This quad band unlocked GSM world phone is sold without contract at a relatively reasonable price and it packs a lot of features including WiFi, Bluetooth with A2DP, stereo speakers, AV-out to TV, Flash video playback, Webkit browser, a strong GPS with Nokia Maps, FM radio, 3.5mm stereo jack and more. But its real claim to fame is its 3.2" widescreen 640 x 360 pixel touch screen and Nokia S60 5th Edition-- the touch version of S60. Nokia has done a good job of making S60 touch-friendly and you won't need a stylus with this smartphone.
                April 2009
                Nokia 5800 XpressMusic review
                Nokia E63 In our review we take a look at the US version, the Nokia E63 NAM. The E63 is the budget version of the Nokia E71 unlocked Symbian S60 smartphone. It sports the same shape, similar dimensions and the same excellent keyboard as the E71 but it sells for only $279. This is an unlocked GSM quad band world phone that requires no contract and it has a QVGA display, Bluetooth with A2DP, a 2 megapixel camera, WiFi and Flash Lite 3.0. It has 3G WCDMA on the AT&T bands and EDGE for T-Mobile.
                April 2009
                Nokia E63 review
                Roundup Review: Nokia N96, N85 and N79 US models In this detailed review, we take a look at the latest trio of US Nokia Nseries smartphones. The N96-3, N85-3 and N79-3 GSM quad band unlocked phones have US 3G on the AT&T bands and carry US warranties. The phones feature a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens and dual LED flash that can shoot video at 30fps. Also on board: a QVGA display, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR with stereo A2DP, SDHC microSD card slot and aGPS with Nokia Maps. Nokia adds variety in the details: the N96 has 16 gigs of flash storage, the N85 has a vivid OLED display and the N79 features Xpress-on active covers with a microchip that tells the phone to switch its display theme to match the cover color.
                Feb. 2009
                Nokia N96 Nokia N79, Nokia N85 review
                Nokia E71 Stunningly good looking and impossibly thin: two things we don't often say about a smartphone. The E71 puts the once solid Nokia E61 to shame: it's smaller, much thinner, yet fits more inside: GPS, US 3G HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR and a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus lens. It's got a great QWERTY keyboard and push email support, but it also handles music playback, video and even streaming YouTube well. The E71 is an unlocked GSM world phone that's sold without contract in the US. Editor's Choice 2008.
                August 2008
                Nokia E71 review
                Nokia E66 We take a long, hard look at the US version of the E66, to be released this summer as an unlocked phone with US 3G HSDPA support. The E66 is a business slider with weekender good looks and portability. And it's got every feature commonly found on a high end phone: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, and business email support. There's plenty of fun too with a video player, YouTube support, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and an FM radio. The E66 runs S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and has a few new tricks up its sleeve, including automatic screen rotation.
                June 2008
                Nokia E66 review
                Nokia N78 We take a look at the Nokia N78, otherwise known as the N78-3 and N78 NAM edition for the US. The N78 is a mid-tier NSeries smartphone with an impressive feature set including the latest S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 system software, GPS, 3 megapixel camera with autofocus Carl Zeiss lens, WiFi and US 3G. The successor to the wildly successful N73 has a lot more to offer, yet manages to keep the same size. We like the flush QVGA display and minimalist clean looks, but this gloss phone won't stay clean without a cloth.
                June 2008
                Nokia N78 review
                Nokia E51 This E Series business smartphone looks more like a sexy feature phone. It's sold unlocked in the US by major retailers and is a quad band GSM world phone with non-US 3G. It's super-thin with a 2" QVGA display, 2 megapixel camera and Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR. There's WiFi for fast data, and support for most popular personal and corporate email including BlackBerry Connect. This affordable S60 phone dishes out some fun too with a capable music player, A2DP, RealPlayer and an FM radio.
                May 2008
                Nokia E51 review
                Nokia N95 8 Gig (N95-4)The fourth time around, the Nokia N95 is still looking good! When the original N95 came out a year ago it wowed pretty much everyone with its huge laundry list of cutting edge features, topped with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. Flash forward to today and we've had the US N95-3, the Euro 8 gig model and now the US 8 gig N95 with US 3G HSDPA and a US warranty. The phone loses the microSD card slot and replaces it with 8 gigs of flash storage and has the latest firmware with a faster camera and other tweaks. The display size is upped to 2.8" and the phone has the usual N95 goodness: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, 2-way slider, music player and more.
                April 2008
                N95 8 Gig review
                Nokia 6120 Classic Who says a Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphone has to be expensive and large? The 6120 Classic is an unlocked quad band GSM phone that's very small, quite attractive and sells for less than $300 from online importers (no contract required). The 6120 has EDGE, dual band 850/2100MHz 3G, a 2 megapixel camera, sharp 2" QVGA display and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP stereo headset support. Not bad and worth a look if you want a small smartphone and don't need the pricey bells and whistles like WiFi, a high end camera or GPS.
                Oct. 2007
                Nokia 6120 classic review
                Nokia N95-3 This charmingly named smartphone is the new and improved US version of the N95 that's now called N95-1. Nokia didn't just re-package the N95 for the US and add the US 3G bands, they re-worked the phone, tweaking the original N95's few shortcomings away. The N95-3 is designed for the US market and is currently available at the NY and Chicago Nokia Flagship stores and online from a few retailers. It supports US HSDPA for fast wireless data, improves the GPS, quadruples available RAM, increases battery capacity and adds a soft-touch finish. The N95-3 remains one of the most capable GSM smartphones on the market with a 5MP autofocus camera, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, GPS and an FM radio.
                Oct. 2007
                Nokia N95-3 review
                Nokia N75 The first Nokia S60 smartphone with US 3G. This quad band GSM clamshell phone is offered by AT&T in the US and it has UMTS 3G on the US bands. S60 flip phones are relatively uncommon but we love 'em in the US, so Nokia cooked up the N75 which features a fantastic main display, a capable music player with external controls, Bluetooth 2.0, Cingular Video, an FM radio and a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash. It has a best of breed web browser and it syncs easily to Outlook.
                May 2007
                Nokia N75 review
                Nokia N95 This smartphone has every feature in the book, but its claim to fame is its 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss autofocus lens. If you thought the N73 was good, imagine a phone that takes better photos than the N73 and videos on par with the Nokia N93. That's just the start: this unlocked quad band GSM phone has a stunning QVGA display, two-way slider design, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, integrated GPS, strong multimedia features and it's both compact and attractive. It syncs with Windows and Macs, has full PIM apps and Office viewers. The N95 has Euro-3G (not compatible with US 3G) and EDGE for data. It's sold unlocked directly by Nokia USA as well as importers.
                April 2007
                Nokia N95 review
                Nokia E62The US sibling of the Nokia E61 we reviewed and loved in August. This slim and attractive phone wants to be your PDA too. Its metal sleek silver casing has that thin is in look but with all the power you'd expect from a smartphone. It has strong PIM applications with Outlook syncing, an Office suite, a fantastic web browser, and support for several push email solutions including BlackBerry Connect. This quad band GSM world phone has EDGE for data, Bluetooth 2.0, a really sharp landscape QVGA display, excellent battery life and a QWERTY keyboard. It's offered by Cingular in the US for a modest $149.
                Sept. 2006
                Nokia E62 review
                Nokia N91 This convergence device wants to be your phone, PDA and iPod. It features a 4 gig hard drive which can hold approximately 1,000 tunes, great playback quality and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your favorite headphones. If that isn't enough, it's a powerful smartphone running Symbian OS 9.1 and Nokia's S60 3rd Edition software, has a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and a slick stainless steel finish. It's a GSM triband phone with EDGE and Euro 3G that's sold unlocked by Nokia and importers.
                Sept. 2006
                Nokia N91 review
                Nokia N73 This smartphone is a photographer's dream. Now there's no tradeoff between a savvy business phone and one that can take simply excellent photos and videos. The N73 features a 3.2MP camera with Carl Zeiss autofocus lens and it can take some of the best photos among any high end camera phone on the market. Though the phone also plays MP3s, has an FM radio and does a great job playing video on its stunning 240 x 320 display, it's not just about multimedia. It runs Symbian OS 9.1 with Nokia S60 3rd Edition and has capable PIM applications, MS Office and PDF viewers and more. It's a GSM quad band world phone with EDGE and Euro 3G that's sold unlocked for use with any GSM carrier in the US.
                Aug. 2006
                Nokia N73 review
                Nokia E61Brains and good looks: what a combination. The Nokia E61 proves that business phones can be beautiful. Its metal, sleek silver casing has that thin is in look which helps the Moto Q thrive, but the Nokia adds WiFi and BlackBerry Connect support. This quad band GSM world phone has EDGE and Euro 3G for data, Bluetooth, a really sharp landscape QVGA display, great battery life and a QWERTY keyboard. It's not offered by any US carrier, but importers in the US offer it at surprisingly reasonable prices unlocked. Definitely worth a look if you want more style and multimedia capability than BlackBerry offers and you feel that Palm OS is a bit too dusty.
                Aug. 2006
                Nokia E61 review
                Nokia N80 Who says good looks and great photos aren't for smartphone users? One of Nokia's flagship smartphones in their Nseries, the N80 boasts a good 3MP camera with flash, really great looks and a small size with a slider design. The phone runs S60 3rd Edition on Symbian OS 9.1 with powerful PIM applications, syncing, Office viewers and a host of multimedia goodness. The Nokia has an FM radio, video playback, PictBridge support, Bluetooth, WiFi and an amazing 352 x 416 pixel display with 262K colors. It's a quad band GSM phone with EDGE and Euro-3G that's sold by importers in the US.
                Aug. 2006
                Nokia N80 review
                Nokia N90 Thanks to Nokia, if you want a smartphone that can take a darned impressive photo, you can have it. While most smartphones and PDA phones have rudimentary cameras, the N90, released in the fall of 2005, has one of the best 2MP cameras on the market. It takes sharp, colorful photos and smooth video. It's a Symbian OS phone running S60 2nd Edition and it has full syncing capabilities, email, web and PIM applications. Though this triband phone isn't officially offered by any US carrier, some dealers sell it with a T-Mobile contract at a hefty discount. It's sold unlocked for use with any carrier.
                April 2006
                Nokia N90 review
                Nokia 6682 Nokia's fall 2005 Series 60 (now called S60) smartphone for the US. It's a triband GSM phone supporting the 850/1800/1900 MHz bands with GPRS and EDGE for data. Offered unlocked through Nokia and resellers, and for a short time by Cingular, the phone has a dual voltage RS-MMC card slot, a great 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth. It syncs to Outlook on the desktop via the included USB cable or Bluetooth.
                Nov. 2005
                Nokia 6682 review
                Nokia 7710 The first and last Symbian Series 90 smartphone is both a PDA and a phone. Not only that, it claims to be a multimedia powerhouse. This triband GSM device is available only through importers in the US and supports both GPRS and EDGE for data. It has a 3.5" 640 x 320 touch screen, lots of memory, Bluetooth, an MMC slot and a suite of Office, PIM and Internet applications.
                July 2005
                Nokia 7710 review
                Nokia N-Gage QD This unique device is a GSM mobile phone, smartphone with PIM apps and application expandability and most interestingly, a handheld gaming device. It's compact enough to carry with you, and works surprisingly well as a phone while offering excellent gaming ergonomics. And it's a smart fella, running the Symbian Series 60 OS. Add Bluetooth and a hot swappable MMC slot for games and expansion and you've got the QD, head and shoulders above the original N-Gage. Not bad for $199 or less!
                Feb. 2005
                N-Gage QD
                Nokia 7610 Smartphone This Symbian Series 60 phone sports a lovely design, has good ergonomics and a very impressive 1 megapixel digital camera. Add in the usual Nokia Series 60 features like Bluetooth, great reception and reliable operation and you've got a winner. This phone has been out in Europe for several months and is now reaching US shores where Cingular is offering it.
                Nov. 2004
                Nokia 7610
                Nokia 3650 Smartphone This is Nokia's latest 60 series Symbian OS Smartphone that offers many PDA functions. It has a large color display, a unique circular dial pad and a built-in VGA camera that takes 640 x 480 pictures! It's a triband GSM world phone that supports GPRS for data, web and email.
                June 2003
                Nokia 3650

                Nokia Communicators

                Nokia E90 The rebirth of the Communicator! Now running S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 instead of Series 80, the widescreen E90 has every feature in the book. This quad band unlocked GSM phone has EDGE and Euro-only HSDPA, a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus lens, GPS, WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. It's got the best web browser on the market (like the iPhone it's Safari inside), support for push email and good PIM applications and an Office suite. The E90 Communicator is sold by importers in the US. It's expensive, but it's a powerful, well built machine that does double-duty as a large candy bar phone and a mini notebook with a flip of the clamshell lid.
                Aug. 2007
                Nokia E90 review
                Nokia 9300 An ergonomic delight as a phone and PDA. Closed it looks like a large candy bar phone, open it's like a mini notebook. This triband GSM phone runs Symbian Series 80 and has full support for PIM, Office, web and email. It has GPRS and EDGE for data and a sharp widescreen color display. it's offered by Cingular in the US.
                Sept. 2005 and March 2006
                Nokia 9300 review
                Nokia 9500 This giant among phones looks like a candy bar phone until you flip open the lid and transform it into a micro notebook with QWERTY keyboard. It's a GSM triband phone that supports the 900/1800/1900Mhz bands and it has GPRS and EDGE for data. If that's not interesting enough, it has WiFi, a lovely 640 x 200 transflective display, Bluetooth and runs the Symbian OS with Nokia's Series 80 user interface.
                March 2006
                Nokia 9500 review
                Nokia Communicator 9290 If you're a Psion fan, take a look at this phone which has been very popular in Europe since it's intro in 2001. It runs Symbian OS, has a 640 pixel x 200 pixel color display and a built-in keyboard. It comes with a great deal of useful software, including a package that allows you to work with MS Office docs. It runs on the GSM network and is offered by T-Mobile in the US (it should also work with Cingular). It does not support GPRS. Replaced by the Nokia 9300 and 9500 above. Discontinued.
                Jan. 2003
                Nokia review

                Feature and Fashion Phones

                Nokia 7510 Nokia's latest clamshell phone for T-Mobile features interchangeable front and back Xpress-On covers with Nokia's "hidden until lit" translucent front cover that shows the time, date, music track info and a variety of patterns. Three colors are included in the box. The Nokia 7510's other hot feature is UMA calling, otherwise known as T-Mobile @Home service. With an @Home plan you can make unlimited domestic calls over WiFi without using plan minutes. The phone runs S40, has a 2 megapixel camera and a strong web browser.
                Feb. 2009
                Nokia 7510 review
                Nokia XpressMusic 5310 And now for something really thin! The XpressMusic 5310 replaces the pleasantly portly Nokia XpressMusic 5300 slider music phone on T-Mobile. The phone weighs only 2.48 ounces and is 0.39 inches thin. It's a slick looking phone with good features despite a low $49 price tag on T-Mobile. It runs Nokia's S40 software, has a very capable music player that's compatible with MP3, WMA and iTunes unprotected AAC files. It has Bluetooth with A2DP stereo, and a microSD expansion slot that's SHDC compatible. T-Mobile and Nokia include a 1 gig card in the box along with a good quality stereo headset.
                June 2008
                Nokia 5310 review
                Nokia 7270 The flip phone among Nokia's Fashion Collection offerings, the 7270 has a definite deco look crossed with contemporary touches. This GSM triband phone is currently sold unlocked and runs on the 900/1800/1900 MHz bands. It has an FM radio, VGA camera and comes with textile covers in both red and black.
                Unlocked GSM
                Aug. 2005
                Nokia 7270 review
                Nokia 6820 This GSM phone was released in late Feb. 2004 in the US. It's a compact model that looks like a traditional Nokia phone but opens up to reveal a QWERTY thumb keyboard. It's a Symbian Series 40 device with a 128 x 128 color display, Bluetooth, camera and it supports the new high speed EDGE data network and runs on the 850/1800/1900 MHz bands. It's available from AT&T Wireless. A great companion to a PDA or notebook!
                March 2005
                Nokia 6820
                Nokia 7280 A simply glamorous and petit phone that's a member of Nokia's Fashion Collection of art deco inspired phones. The phone has a gloss black finish with white and red accents, and weighs only 3 ounces. Not just about good looks, the 7280 has a VGA camera, Bluetooth and voice dialing which you'll need since the phone lacks a number pad. Instead you'll use voice dialing or the jog dial to enter numbers. This is a GSM phone that supports the 900/1800/1900MHz bands and it has GPRS and EDGE for data.
                Unlocked GSM
                March 2005
                Nokia 7280 review


                Nokia Internet Tablets (not phones)

                Nokia N810 The third generation Internet tablet from Nokia bears a great deal of similarity to the N800 it replaces. But it adds two key features: a GPS and hardware keyboard. This handheld computer has a fantastic web browser with support for Flash 9 and AJAX, email and RSS. It weighs 8 ounces and is as big as a large-ish PDA. Other features include a 4.1" touch screen, 400MHz processor, a Linux-based OS, Bluetooth, WiFi and a PDF reader. It's not a PDA and not a cell phone, but rather a mobile Internet device, media player and a GPS.
                Nokia N810 review
                Nokia N800The N800 is Nokia's second generation Internet Tablet, replacing the Nokia 770. It offers some serious improvements in the CPU, RAM and looks departments while adding $50 to the price. The device features a phenomenal 4" color touch screen, the Opera 8 web browser with Flash 7, a webcam, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, email, PDF reader, IM and a slew of other apps. It's not a PDA and it's not a phone, rather it's meant to bring the Internet along with you most anywhere with a desktop-like experience. And yes, it fits in a roomy pocket and it runs Linux.
                Nokia N800 review
                Nokia 770 Not a PDA, but rather an Internet Tablet. Nokia's first non-phone device is intriguing and attractive. It's an Internet Tablet that's pocketable yet sports an 800 x 480 color display and WiFi 802.11g for a fast Internet connection. It runs a version of the excellent Opera web browser, has a full-featured email client, an RSS reader and more. Not meant to replace the PDA, this reasonably-priced device instead brings a desktop-like surfing experience to your couch or bedroom with instant-on flair.
                Nokia 770 review



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